Self-discovery: An Ethical Alignment of Self-knowledge for Self-mastery

It’s in understanding who you are that shapes your being.

Image Credit: Lizeth Lopez/Pixabay

Understanding who you are

The personal question “Who am I?” is based on the concerns of discovering the meaning, purpose, and essence of human existence. In the realization of ourselves, we move towards realizing the true essence of our existence.

Alignment of self-knowledge

Finding oneself or self-discovery is not a one-time event, but it’s a continuous ongoing evolution.

Self-knowledge in psychological studies is a component of the self or, accurately put, a self-concept.

Although self-knowledge comes with its limitation, as it remains a complex process towards self-examination, still this journey of “knowing yourself” is beautifully transforming. Knowledge of self prepares an ontological ground that helps us evaluate ourselves and understand our nature.

When we establish such a deeper level of self intimacy, an authentic engagement with self gets born.

When I feel jammed by life issues or is threatened by the uncertainty of events, I try to sit with those unsettled feelings. Plus, I try to understand what actually is going on within me — and I listen to my thoughts, converse with my feelings, sense the vibrations, and begin an exploration to self-discovery.

Aiming towards self-mastery

The alignment of self-knowledge and self-discovery is the foundation of self-mastery. The right self-knowledge leads to developing an ethical code of conduct and value-oriented principles that keep a person morally informed.

Ultimately, it is the desire, said Neitzche, not the desired, that we love.

Once self-analysis or self-examination remains successfully carried out, the person’s mind that earlier wandered in aimless motion finds its direction.

Final Thoughts

The philosophy of self-understanding, self-discovery, and self-actualization is interlinked, interconnected altogether. They are the principal virtues through which our existence gets its shape.

Sometimes the warrior thinks, there is a bridge that links what I do with what I would like to do. Slowly as time passes by, his dreams take over his everyday life then he realizes that he is ready for the things he always wanted. Then all that is needed is a little daring, and his two lives become one.” — Paulo Coelho



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