The Best Way to Live Life, According to My ‘Lively’ Grandfather

To embrace life is to look upon it as an adventurous road.

Image by: A. Debus/Pixabay
  • “Weren’t you scared working under foreign dictate?” I questioned him in unflickering doubts.
  • “What made your life sense ease amidst historical conflicts?” my questions went on unending.

The universal law of adaptability

From the wisdom of my Grandfather, the best way to live Life is by adapting to change.

The principle of focussing on moments

Well, Life’s short. Mysterious. And we are bound by finite time on this planet to look after our needs, meet personal aspirations and contribute collectively.

The subtle art of being grounded

Taking a sip from his hot cup of ginger flavored tea, the Grandfather of mine rejoicingly continued to answer ahead. Well, conversations of him also follow a break, short but tenderly warm.

The idea of eating to live, not live to eat

“The interview conducted by the British panel was a tuff nut to crack,” remarked Grandpa after taking a bite from one of his favorite good-day biscuits.

The unforgettable trait of persistence

Look not for a perfect life; instead, strive with persistence.



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Swati Suman

In the rhythm of words, I try to unfold life. Thoughtful expressions in Philosophy, Science, Humanities. Compassion above All. Email: swatis.writes@gmail.com