The Happiness Narrative: The Critical Issue in Obsessing Over Being Happy

Seeing beyond the obvious pursuit of pursuing happiness.

Image by: Public Co/Pixabay

Interconnecting different happiness conceptions

To each one of us, the conception of happiness varies. While some might ideate happiness in the minor things. For others, happiness is dependant on external principles or lies in the grand scheme of things.

To think of suffering as an alien emotion is un-serving.

When the Prince acknowledged the sufferings, he walked the middle path to seek meaning behind it that made him eventually awaken as “Buddha” or “The Enlightened One.”

Characteristics of a good life

When we hear the term “good life,” we relate it with a life devoid of atrocities and abundant with luxuries. A good life caricatures itself as the ones that can give any pleasant experience we desire.

In Conclusion

The human pursuit of happiness remains identified as our inalienable right, but there is a substantial difference in how we all value happiness.



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