Walked Away

To live in harmony of passed.

Swati Suman


Slow is the fleeting steps
Wonder to the music it reflects
Oh! Engulfing into wide open arms
Perhaps, happiness before a storm.

The breeze of warmth prospered
To the steps that entered
An uninterrupted soul
When life was traversing a mold
When things went uncertified
A knock of the unknown spirit
Gospelled a breath of curiosity in why.

Oh! What the joy went around
For an unexpected happening
To bring music in the morning
To a sunrise went adoring
To the rustling leaves singing
To an art glorifying hidden meaning
And a life bustling with showers of blessing.

The world went to seem titanic
When life within played soothing beats
When glory underwent a definition
And when beauty found its mission
The care of affection pondered
Evolving as a story painted on a florid canvas.

When reflections swayed in another eye
And when eternity felt devoid of lie
All harmony swinging like life in paradise.

Strolling on the way
Mesmerizing seemed every bay
What an energy, what a vibe
I wish for it to stay a long time
Where life felt like a cup of cake
And candyfloss tickled down each step.

A walk which set in unnoticed
And which embroidered the rays of bliss
Stop…Please don't depart…
Was a voice from within embracing a heartful cry
Just for some moments of the lost commune
The vibrant energy muddled away in sand dune.

To find an abode in another place
Leaving teary drops in dismay
Just to make an appearance for a short phase
Leaving behind rustling turmoil of waves.

An energy that entered…
An energy that walked away…



Swati Suman

In the rhythm of words, I try to unfold life. Thoughtful expressions in Philosophy, Science, Humanities. Compassion above All. Email: swatis.writes@gmail.com