Why the Inseperable Fear of Dying Young Shouldn’t Concern Us Much

Overthinking about life and death makes us suffer twice.

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  • Why do we avoid death if it’s the only reality?
  • Does the existence of death give meaning to Life?

Implications Of Death

We marginalize death with fear. The youthful years inflict a higher tendency to avoid death. The reason being to the people in their young years, life seems potentially long and somewhat more meaningful than at the later stages.

Interpreting a Premature death

According to the German philosopher and cultural critic Friedrich Nietzsche, “Some die too young, some die too old; the precepts sound strange, but die at the right age.”

Legendary personalities who lived a short life-span

Life’s unpredictable. So is death. They resemble sensations that rapidly touch us and quickly goes. If the notion of death preoccupies at a preliminary stage, we question its validness. Further, if its cues remain unanswered, we spiral around a loop that infiltrates within us a persistence dilemma.

  • Illusions are like a mirage. It dissociates death from Life, demonstrating the former an unrealistic life event.
  • As everything in the universe pedals along with their opposites, the night and day, summer and winter, for example, so meaning of death stands as a pillar giving meaning to Life.

To name a few legendary figures:

  1. John Keats: Keats is known as the archetypal poet who died at 25 after he contracted tuberculosis. However, his death talks about a meaningful life. Posthumously, his works in creative poetry touched a million lives. Despite an early death, Keats lives and relives through his art.
  2. Anne Frank: Dutch-Jewish Diarist, known for her diary Anne Frank died merely at 15. After her death, the diary work got published, which recalls her Life spent as a victim in concentration camps. Here, rather than death, she meaningfully weaved Life in the moments. Her work is carried forward as her memorable legacy.
  3. Swami Vivekananda: A Hindu monk whose religious teachings mention his inspiring legacy. His philosophy voiced, “One has to dieit is better to wear away than rust away” — living an intensively active life. He fulfilled his prophecy of not seeing the rest 40 years and died aged 39.
  4. Alexander The Great: This King of Macedonia (356–323 BC) died young at 33. He was a significant figure and had established an empire extending from the Ionian Sea to the Himalayas in India. Rather than living a decade, he created an impactful life in a few spans divinely allocated to him.
  5. Martin Luther King: The American civil rights campaigner Martin Luther King, Jr. led the non-violent civil rights movement. He was at the forefront of the sweeping social change of the 1960s. Assassinated in 1968, he died aged 39. However, his legacy is marching with higher spirits every decade.

Death and life philosophize as exams of humankind

The novel The Leopard reflects on a powerful death scene. It outlines Don Fabrizio Corbera’s (Prince of Salina) life caught amidst war and revolution.

  • Was it after the birth of his first son? or
  • A few hours spent in his observatory (for he was a distinguished astronomer)? or
  • Few occasional moments of flirtations? or
  • The times when he read aloud with children, or the hours when he conversed with his friends (particularly his nephew)?

In Conclusion

Flipping through our historical past, its shreds of evidence and proofs, we can conclude that none of us can command life and death. Neither the beauty of our existence owes a count.



In the rhythm of words, I try to unfold life. Thoughtful expressions in Philosophy, Science, Humanities. Compassion above All. Email:

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Swati Suman

In the rhythm of words, I try to unfold life. Thoughtful expressions in Philosophy, Science, Humanities. Compassion above All. Email: