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In the rhythm of words, I try to unfold life. Thoughtful expressions in Philosophy, Science, Humanities. Compassion above All. Email:

It can boost children's social skills and academic ability.

“The ability to observe without evaluating is the highest form of intelligence” — Jiddu Krishnamurti

As a child, we observe things deeply. We become curious about the happenings in our environment. We come across experiences that tweak our brain muscles into questioning.

In the preadolescence stage, our childhood revolves around exploring life, the world; we wonder why things are the way they are. We continue investigating whether the topic is about the universe or our favorite toys.

Questions like:

  • Why is the sky blue?
  • Why is the moon called a moon?
  • Where do the thoughts originate from?
  • Why are the…

Why you do it? Ways to reduce it.

Procrastination is easy. Like, give a thought. And there it clicks!

From the minute you sit idle to the moments of delusions, procrastination doesn’t let you be in your own space.

Procrastination comes in handy in my case. Be it the moments when works break free, during the study hours, say even a walk in a park, or in carrying out errands; procrastination seems to march headstrong in my life. I wonder the procrastinated spirits share such a loyal companionship.

With that, procrastination with such a firm base outlines a complicated life. By beginning as a highly prejudiced thought, procrastination…


Every emotion must be owned and not sidelined.

The Errors of ‘Spiritual Bypassing’
The Errors of ‘Spiritual Bypassing’

“Spiritual tools are magnanimous guides to understand the psychological behaviors or patterns orbiting in the realm of our consciousness,” a self-help guru advised. The statement is an excerpt from my recent visit to a personal growth seminar addressed by one of our community gurus.

Attending the seminar spiritually inspired other members, including me, who were present to receive guidance towards counterbalancing our destructive thoughts. More than often, these disempowering or negative thoughts barricades life course. If problems remain unaddressed, such a deceptive cycle of emotions warps reality.

During the seminar, the practice of “Spiritual Bypassing” got introduced. The term was…

Try the “Scientist’s Way” to not fall prey to misinformation.

Information Age has peaked the news culture. From the snail-mail era to modern times, information advances faster than the blink of an eye. With the fast-pacing times, news remains a constant feed on our life’s desktop with information surmounting above the human capacity levels.

Amidst the sea of information, we stumble across various claims in our daily reads. At times authenticity of the claims stands in doubt, hypes confusions, and fires debates. Yesterday, during dining, my family was confused over a health-related debate that remained aired on their favorite news channel.

“Vegetarianism” is the only key to a healthy life…


Once whistled over great distances, the cellphone era has pushed the language to the endangered list

The Turkish Bird Language ‘Kus Dili’ is Whistled, Not Spoken
The Turkish Bird Language ‘Kus Dili’ is Whistled, Not Spoken

Ancient societies are individually distinct. Thriving on this uniqueness is the country’s cultural and linguistic differences that set them apart from the rest of the world. These fascinating biases form part of the culturally distinguished societies that exist amongst us for generations. Individual nations have a unique cultural heritage that speaks to us in extraordinary ways, which eventually adds to their global distinctiveness.

The whistling village of Meghalaya, Kongthong, shares an uncommon linguistic difference with the rest of India. There, people hold a whistled identity for communicating purposes rather than addressing people through a normal way of communication. …


To embrace life is to look upon it as an adventurous road.

Life is an undiscovered mystery.

This supercharged magnetic life is like the curiosity bubble where we remain uncertain about varied events walking our way. Despite life’s unpredictability, the law of the universe doesn’t hold us apart from fundamental human rights to learning, speculating about events, and harnessing our intellectual skills.

According to Emily Dickinson, “To live is so startling it leaves little time for anything else.” That’s true, given how overbearing it is for us to address the challenges sequenced unsequentially by the rhythmic patterns of daily life.

On life’s parallel spectrum, there also exists another truth.

It is that…


Preparation of uninterrupted good time in solitude reduces the external dependability and is a secret road to self-completion.

The atmosphere carried moments of emotional overload. As the German writer, Goethe, neared the end of his life, his overwhelming feelings tied to restlessness at that critical hour made him distressed.

Although Goethe may have happened to have several friends in his lifetime, he felt alone at that unwelcoming time of human existential reality. Upon sinking in the un-welcoming truth, he broke out bitterly.

During that darker hour, he expressed, “No one has ever properly understood me, I have never fully understood anyone, and no one understands anyone else.”


To live in harmony of passed.

Slow is the fleeting steps
Wonder to the music it reflects
Oh! Engulfing into wide open arms
Perhaps, happiness before a storm.

The breeze of warmth prospered
To the steps that entered
An uninterrupted soul
When life was traversing a mold
When things went uncertified
A knock of the unknown spirit
Gospelled a breath of curiosity in why.

Oh! What the joy went around
For an unexpected happening
To bring music in the morning
To a sunrise went adoring
To the rustling leaves singing
To an art glorifying hidden meaning
And a life bustling with showers of blessing.

The world…


Seeing beyond the obvious pursuit of pursuing happiness.

What is our life’s purpose? For most of us, the happening answer might be to draw happiness. Upon reflecting upon the intention of human desires, I think almost all our end goals yearn only for happiness.

In an ever-increasing globalized world, the everyday activities of humans get tied to similar attributes where being happy remains the ultimate priority. In fact, happiness to everyone stands as the standard judgment of a good life.

Perhaps, the objective goal of any task is imbibed with a quest for happiness.

Whether it’s exploring well-settled job opportunities, spending our time with family, motivating selves through…


Overthinking about life and death makes us suffer twice.

Are you scared of death?

Worst of all, are you scared of dying young?

Besides an inbuilt fear of death, one fundamental aspect that dominates our emotions is both Life and death are eternal themes of humankind’s existence. They live in the spiritual culture of humanity. The mystery that Life and death carry with itself has been fascinating philosophers, moralists, Prophets, and founders of varied religions, art, and literature enthusiasts for ages.

Ironically, the subjects of Life and death have pressured them to burrow deeper and find answers to the most interesting problems that tailor Life and death.

On an…

Swati Suman

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