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And not being cared upon adds to the misery.

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Ever came across the phrase “Fill in the blanks?” The majority, including myself, might raise our hands merrily in agreement. Whether during school, university, or life assessments in general, this task often pops up and rolls adventure in our lives. We scratched our heads endlessly for the answer that fills the blank. This fun-filling task created an ambiance of curiosity and enhanced our critical thinking. Let’s recreate playing the game again.

Complete this blank: “Before I send my resume to the potential employer and is ready to address the interview panel, I must ensure that things are ____.”

Your response…

Call it the “Aristotle’s Way.”

Photo by Juan Pablo Serrano Arenas from Pexels

Our life fleets like seasons. In these seasons accorded are the moments. These moments traverse with variations. Human experiences stem from the shifts ignited by these variations. Because of those variations, our lives touch the emotional chords. We sense joy, sorrow, and sometimes both at the equivalent time. Born from these sensitive seasonings, we try navigating through life.

  • But is the navigation so easy?
  • Are we enough to cross the troubled waters? or
  • Do we need supportive pillars to rely on?

These intriguing questions hold gravity. We wonder whether our social identity needs backing to solve the puzzles of life…


Small actionable steps give wings to grand ambitions.

Photo by Sound On from Pexels

Our habits give direction to life. Implanting behaviors voicing potential growth requires attuning to good habits. The actions that we inhabit characterizes our identity. Through identity, our life gets its shades.

From the place of habit, our goals get their course. The aspired aim holds the power to shape our lives. It can either transform or can crumble us down. As such, we need to be vigilant concerning the goals we set. We cannot take the goals for granted and silence them through our non-performing actions.

Becoming a civil servant is my dream since childhood. The tuff nature of the…


As a solution to ease down climate disasters.

Bill Gates [Source: Wikimedia Commons]

In the modern decade, climate change has drawn increased attention. The changes in the global climate exacerbate climate hazards and amplify the risk of extreme weather-related disasters. As a consequence, the number of climate-related threats has tripled in the last 30 years. Since the climatic outbursts’ heated impacts continue to accelerate at a rising pace, so is the nature of the unforeseen outbreak of the diseases.

The present times are witnessing a turbulent phase where nature’s upheaval and the physiological changes linked with climate variations add to the unpredictable catastrophic events. …


Data shows children being the worst affected.

Photo by Pexen Design from Pexels

Recently, my sister and I went for an annual body checkup at the hospital. In the disease grappled world, my sister considers it imperative for us to regularly track our health. I slightly escape from being too health-conscious, but this time my sister somehow managed to get me along with her. The checkups’ results were normal. However, the eye department grabbed my attention in the infirmary, where most of the adults were waiting patiently in the queue to get their eye-checkups done.

During the Covid-19 lockdown period, many people, especially young children, suffered from an eye disorder named Myopia or…


Repeating the mistakes can be unaffordable unless going penniless is not a concern.

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

Sometimes the most simplistic changes in our approach can bring a significant shift in the outcome. That is also the case applicable with writing content online nowadays. Most of the time, writers keep producing countless content and leave the article’s fate to the heavenly. Instead of sowing the seeds of efforts, the article remains left in the hands of destiny.

Throughout my writing journey and experimenting with different ideas, I observed people being part of the race to produce endless content and hit the viral section. Favoring it is the marketing gurus who propose that producing articles in large quantities…


When silence finds its meaning.

Photo by Fa Barboza on Unsplash

Words are that expression
To which are knotted life’s reflection
They are like the life’s ladder
Climbing on which the narrative erupts out
There is a sky of success much closer.

Words are like butterflies that flutter
Like a kite soaring high in lively spring
Far and wide — beyond and above — the clouds
Words of expression melodies a song
Where the hearty sentiments triggered out
Every species enthralls with joy to live long.

Words are like life’s mirror
One who understands even the unsaid
Are the ones who win the world ahead.

Words flow like a perennial stream…


The ability to explore the world of dreams gets unlocked.

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

We all travel to our dreamy wonderland through the dreams we see. Our dreams converse through vivid forms. Some cast a radiance of smile, a few pinches our scary nerves; others are distressing nightmares; several knocks at the funny doors, and few others are plain weird. The inexplicable runway of human Dreams has intricately fascinated philosophers, scientists, artists, and researchers for years and, through the traveling times, have matured as a scientific case of study.

Distinctive dreams have varied definitions accorded. It is why the dreamers experience dramatic shifts in their emotions that assign the emotional responses accordingly. Dreams find…


Where the immersive thoughts voice aloud.

Image by InspiredImages from Pixabay

Sometimes I just imagine
Where I do meet wonders long since
What are wonders all about?
A deep feeling clogged under the clouds.
Are imagination creating wonders? or
Are wonders “Wonders of Imagination!”

Calm — serene — composed.
The singsong of the imagination
Petals out life blooming with emotions
Where the beauty of wonders flourishes in
Where imagination makes one think
These are the moments not like the wink
But the articulation of Wonders;
Finds its ways thriving in deeper instincts.

Imagining the wonders Glitters the path of wonders of imagination Tuning like a connect of flare within Like a…

Practicing the least practiced can bring incredible changes.

Photo by Ketut Subiyanto from Pexels

After a long time, the red signal of the train turned green.

The winter month vacation had started, and I eagerly waited on the station’s platform to board the train to my hometown in Uttarakhand (India). Located in the mountainous regions, the village depicted divine beauty. Besides the joy of spending the time with my family, I was enthralled to explore the village, especially in the season when nature showered its gratitude in the form of snow.

The whistle of the train increased as it distanced nearer. My heartbeats palpated with excitement coupled with rejoicing. Since the Covid-19 lockdown got…

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